Our Circular Journey


With a keen interest in the circular economy (we really don't like waste!) we have looked to implement circular practices wherever we can. We would like to remove the burden of waste from the consumer. We believe that the products we consume today can be the raw materials we use tomorrow.
  • Our frames are made from recycled plastic sourced as offcuts from eyewear factories.
  • We are excited to facilitate the recycling of any of your old sunglasses via our TerraCycle Zero waste box.
  • The fabric we use for our cleaning bags is made from recycled PET bottles.
  • We manufacture ethically and conduct an independent ethical audits of our eyewear manufacturer.
  • We package and ship mindfully in kraft boxes and compostable mailers.

Our ethos is that sustainability isn't a static box that a brand can tick off - nothing is simple or perfect in this space. We follow a circular process of revision and improvement which makes us excited about what can be achieved down the track (we have big goals!).

We are working with our manufacturer on R&D for a program where our frames can be returned to us at the end of their life and we will recycle the frame material into future ranges. We believed we were ready to do this at the time of our launch however when implemented beyond sampling quality issues arose. This is something we are hoping to finesse and relaunch. Stay tuned.


We plant a tree with every pair of sunglasses sold. Find more about this here.

Where possible we work with businesses who are working to reduce carbon or have carbon neutral programs. As a very small brand we are working towards growing and being able to move beyond our tree planting program towards a certified carbon neutral one.

Although our voice is small we believe it can be a powerful one in changing our culture and the way we consume. The voice of many small emerging brands combined have the ability to motivate our suppliers to improve their processes and reduce carbon output as well as overall sustainability.  


At CIRC Eyewear we are focused on widening the accessibility of sustainable sunglasses. We have created a range that provides a true quality alternative to the readily available and highly seasonal eyewear currently on the market.


Since inception CIRC Eyewear has been committed to the slow fashion process. Rather than following the status quo of designing a range then rushing to have it manufactured in accordance with a seasonal calendar, we have looked in depth at the manufacturing process and the industry itself. This has enabled us to take advantage of certain aspects of the manufacturing process to work with much lower minimum quantities than what is standard, ensuring we do not overproduce. Our slow process will always come first and we are committed to taking the time to doing things right. 


We are also proud to fund and facilitate the recycling of your old pairs of glasses or sunglasses through our TerraCycle Zero Waste Box. Eyewear will be sorted into raw materials and processed for reuse rather than heading to landfill. We would like to encourage everyone to take part in this service, rather than simply tossing an old pair of frames and you will be rewarded with 10% off your next purchase for doing so. Please get in touch to take part in this program.